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Question: What is the procedure for seeking admission to postgraduate programs in University of Delhi?
Answer: For the academic year 2024-25, admission to all PG programs of University of Delhi (UoD) will be done through Common University Entrance Test (Postgraduate)- 2024 (CUET(PG)-2024) only. For admissions, candidate must:

  1. read the Bulletin of Information Postgraduate (BOI(PG)) 2024 carefully.
  2. ascertain his/her fulfilment of the Program-Specific eligibility for the program/s in which s(he) wish to take admission.
  3. have appeared in the CUET(PG) – 2024 in the Test paper(s) as per the Program Specific Eligibility of UoD.
  4. apply through the Common Seat Allocation System – Postgraduate 2024 (CSAS(PG)-2024) of the University of Delhi.


Question. Is there a separate entrance exam to take admission in a Postgraduate (PG) Program(s) of University of Delhi (UoD)?
Answer: For the academic year 2024-25, admission to all PG Programs of UoD will be done on the basis of the CUET(PG) – 2024 only.
Only the candidate who has appeared in CUET (PG) - 2024 and meets the Minimum Eligibility Criteria will be eligible to apply for the CSAS(PG)-2024.


Question: Is there an option of offline submission of Application Forms for admission to PG Programs of UoD?
Answer: It is mandatory for a candidate to apply and fill preferences, wherever applicable, online in CSAS(PG)-2024 portal of UoD ( Application submitted through any other mode will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Question: I did not opt for UoD during CUET(PG) 2024-25. Can I still apply for UoD through CSAS(PG)-2024?
Answer: Candidates who did not opt for UoD during CUET(PG) – 2024 can still apply through CSAS(PG)-2024, provided s(he) fulfils the specific program(s) eligibility criteria.   


Question. While filling the CUET(PG) 2024-25 application, I made a mistake in my name/ date of birth. Can I make changes in the CSAS(PG)-2024 application form?
Answer: The details submitted by candidates in the CUET(PG) 2024-25 application form such as Name, signature and photograph of the candidate have been auto-integrated by University of Delhi in the CSAS(PG)-2024 registration portal. As such, no changes will be allowed.


Question: While filling the Personal Section, I made a mistake in my parent’s name/ category/ gender/ email id/ mobile number/ bank details. Will I be allowed to make changes since I have completed the registration process?
Answer: Once the form is submitted, the following personal details will not be changed:

  1. Parent’s Name
  2. Category/ Sub-Category/ Caste/Supernumerary Quota
  3. Gender
  4. Email id
  5. Mobile number
  6. Bank Details 


Question: Is Migration Certificate mandatory for students of University of Delhi?
Answer: Migration Certificate is not mandatory/ necessary for students who have passed out from UoD. In place of Migration Certificate, students can upload their college ID card or any document which specifies that s(he) was a bonafide student of UoD.


Question: The name of my University/ Institute is not appearing in the drop-down list of the universities. What should I do?
Answer: Candidate must select the “Other” option and then manually enter the name of the University s(he) has passed out from.


Question: I did not select my category (OBC-NCL/ SC/ ST/ EWS) during the registration of CUET(PG) – 2024. Can I still select my category in CSAS(PG)-2024?
Answer:  A candidate can apply in CSAS(PG)-2024 under any reserved category irrespective of his/her selection in CUET(PG) – 2024, provided s(he) has a valid certificate and fulfills the requirements given in Bulletin of Information (PG) – 2024 and CSAS(PG)-2024 documents for applying in that reserved category.
However, candidate who had opted for PwBD category in CUET(PG)-2024 will not be allowed to change his/her category in CSAS(PG)-2024 as s(he) would have availed PwBD benefits (such as compensatory time, and provision of scribe) during CUET(PG)-2024.


Question: How do I to convert my CGPA to an equivalent percentage?
Answer: Candidate must convert the CGPA to an equivalent percentage as per the CGPA conversion rules of the University from which the Qualifying Degree has been obtained. Kindly contact the concerned authorities of your University/Institution in this regard.


Question: Is the Sports Quota applicable in all PG programs of UoD?
Answer: Admission on the basis of Sports is not applicable in the programs of Master of Library and Information Science, Bachelor of Education, B.Ed. Special Education (ID/VI), Master of Education, M.Tech. Microwave Electronics, Master of Physical Education, LL.B, LL.M, Master of Computer Application, M.A. Social Work, M.Sc. Mathematical Education, Master of Respiratory Therapy, M.A. Chinese, M.A. Korean, M.A. Hindu Studies, Master of Physiotherapy, Master in Public Health and PG Diploma in Cyber Security and Law.


Question: Can I apply for more than one PG Program?
Answer: Yes, provided you meet the Program Specific eligibility. You must appear in the CUET(PG) test paper(s) as per the eligibility criteria of the program/s.


Question: I want to opt for B.Ed Program but it is not showing in the drop-down list of program selection.
Answer: The option for B.Ed. Program will appear only if you have appeared in the CUET(PG)-2024 test paper given under the eligibility criteria for admission to B.Ed. Program.


Question: I do not possess the latest OBC-NCL/EWS certificate. Can I upload a certificate issued before March 31st 2024? Can I use an acknowledgment slip as I am yet to get the latest certificate?
Answer: Admissions to the PG programs of the University of Delhi will be granted only on the production of a valid caste certificate issued in the candidate's name, by an issuing Competent Authority as mentioned in the PG Bulletin of Information, published on the admission website of the University.
For OBC-NCL candidates, the OBC - Non-Creamy Layer Certificate (in the name of the Candidate) must be issued by the competent issuing authority, and wherein the caste is in the OBC Central List issued by The name of the candidate claiming reservation under OBC -Non-Creamy Layer must match with the name as it appears on his/her corresponding School Board qualifying certificate and in CUET(PG) - 2024; similarly, the parents’ names must match in both sets of certificates. Income certificate must be issued after March 31, 2024.
For EWS candidates, the EWS Certificate (in the name of the candidate) must be issued by the competent issuing authority certifying the candidate can claim reservation under this category. The name of the candidate claiming reservation under this category must match with the name that appears on his/her corresponding School Board qualifying certificate; similarly, his/her parents’ names must match in both sets of certificates. Income certificate must be issued after March 31, 2024.
No undertaking on behalf of incomplete/ invalid/ non-availability of the document/ certificate at the time of applying will be accepted.


Question: How will the seat allocation be done?
Answer: The Highest Possible Preference will be provisionally allocated to a candidate considering the following criteria:

  1. Program-Based merit list.
  2. Social Category (UR/OBC-NCL/SC/ST/EWS).
  3. Availability of seats.
  4. Any other allocation rules, policies, or criteria as mentioned in this document (CSAS(PG)- 2024), PG BOI – 2024, or published on the admission website of UoD. 


Question: How much weightage will be given to the Graduation marks during allocation of seats?
Answer: No weightage will be given to the Graduation marks except in event of a tie break. For more details refer to the BOI(PG) – 2024.  


Question: Is there any age bar for seeking admission to PG programs in UoD?
Answer: There is no minimum age bar for admission to the Postgraduate Programs in the University and its colleges except in the programs where the respective regulatory bodies, such as Medical Council of India (MCI), All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Bar Council of India (BCI), National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE), Dental Council of India (DCI), etc. have prescribed the minimum age requirement in their respective regulations.


Question: I have a gap year. Will I be allowed to take admission in a PG Program at UoD?
Answer: Gap year will not be a bar for admission to PG Program(s) in UoD.
Question: I paid the admission fee but it is showing pending on my dash board. How do I resolve tis matter?
Answer: If a successful transaction is confirmed from the source Bank and the payment failure continues to be reflected on the dashboard. In that case, the candidate may contact the ICICI Eazypay Payment Gateway Helpline between 9.30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday (except second and fourth Saturdays) at the following numbers.

  1. Phone: +91-9871985944, +91-9667640628
  2. Email Address:


Question: I paid the admission fee but it is showing payment failure. What should I do?
Answer: In the event of a payment failure, candidate must consider the following options:

  1. If the amount is not deducted from the account, the candidate must try paying again before the payment deadline.
  2. Candidates must ensure a stable internet connection is used for making the online payment.
  3. Candidates must use the correct credentials to make a successful payment.
  4. If the amount is deducted, but a notification is not received, the candidate may seek confirmation from his/her source bank.


Question: What is the process of admission to PG for foreign nationals? Is it mandatory for them to appear in CUET?
Answer: Foreign nationals are exempted from appearing in CUET (PG) -2024. Admission to the foreign students' category shall be made based on Merit. The Foreign Candidates seeking admission to Postgraduate Programs must apply through Foreign Students' Registry Portal No Foreign student will be admitted directly by the Department/ College.


Question: What are the criteria for admission to NCWEB? Is the CUET (PG) -2024 score mandatory for the same or not?
Answer: Admissions to all Postgraduate Programs at the Non-Collegiate Women Education Board (NCWEB) will be based on the scores obtained in Common University Entrance Test (PG) – 2024. While applying to the University portal, if you wish to seek admission under NCWEB, you must select NCWEB.


Question: I did not appear in the CUET(PG) – 2024. Is there any option of pursuing PG Program(s) in UoD based on my Graduation marks?
Answer: Candidates may opt for PG Programs at School of Open Learning where admission will be done on the basis of the graduation marks. For more details refer to   


Question: What is the eligibility to get admission to an LLB course?
Answer: Every program has specific eligibility and a CUET PG paper. You must refer to the Bulletin of Information of PG, uploaded on the admission website of the University (


Question: What are the criteria for a Caste certificate issued by the state/central Government?
Answer: When submitting your Caste Certificate, ensure it is in the valid format and issued by the competent issuing authority. A certificate that is not dated properly/ is incomplete/ or is not in the prescribed format will not be accepted.


Questions: Where do I find all the information related to admissions at the University of Delhi?
Answer: All information related to admission can be found at
A Bulletin of Information is also available on the same website, which contains information about various courses offered by the University. You must visit the website regularly for all updates and schedules.

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