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Question: How many programs are offered at the Postgraduate level in the University of Delhi?

Answer: For the academic year 2023-24, admission in 76 programs is being offered.

Question: What is the procedure for seeking admission to postgraduate programs in University of Delhi?

Answer: From the academic year 2023-24, admission to all programs of University of Delhi is through Common University Entrance Test (Postgraduate)- 2023 (CUET(PG)-2023) only. For admissions, you must:

  1. Read the PG Bulletin of Information carefully to familiarise yourself with all the policies.
  2. Ascertain you fulfil the Program-Specific eligibility for the program/s in which you wish to take admission.
  3. Apply and appear the Common University Entrance Test-Postgraduate 2023 (CUET(PG) 2023) in the Test paper(s) as per the Program Specific Eligibility of University of Delhi.
  4. Apply to Common Seat Allocation System – Postgraduate 2023 (CSAS(PG)-2023) of the University of Delhi.


Question: Can I apply for more than one program?

Answer: Yes, you can, provided you meet the Program Specific eligibility. You must appear in all the CUET test papers as per the requirements of the program/s . 

Question: Is it necessary to appear in CUET (PG) - 2023?

Answer: Yes, it is the only way to get admitted to the University of Delhi, except in the School of Open Learning.

Question: How much weightage will be given to my graduate marks?

Answer: There is no weightage to graduation marks except in tie breaking. 

Question: Can I seek admission based on the marks that I had achieved in the Graduate level?

Answer: From the academic session 2023-24, admission to all PG programs, including NCWEB, is based solely on the scores obtained in CUET(PG)-2023 in the concerned Test-Paper. 

Question: Are there any Supernumerary seats in the PG admissions of UoD?

Answer: In the University of Delhi, following categories are offered supernumerary seats:

PwBD : Persons with Benchmark Disabilities

CW : Children/Widows of Personnel of the Armed Forces including Para-Military

Sports: Sports (wherever applicable)

WQ : Ward Quota of Employees of University of Delhi

   OQ: Orphans Quota

Question: How many seats are reserved for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category?

Answer: As per the University of Delhi notifications (Reference No. Aca. I / Reservation of EWSs / 2019/63Dated 28th March 2019 and Reference No. Aca. I / Reservation of EWSs / 2019 / 101 Dated15thMay 2019), for the reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) Category, theUniversity Departments / Centres / Colleges have reserved 10% seats for admission of candidates belonging to EWS category. The certificate should be issued after 31st March, 2023. 

Question: What is the process of admission to PG for foreign nationals? Is it mandatory for them to appear in CUET?

Answer: Foreign nationals are exempted from appearing in CUET (PG) -2023. Admission to the foreign students' category shall be made based on Merit. The Foreign Candidates seeking admission to Postgraduate Programs must apply through Foreign Students' Registry Portal No Foreign student will be admitted directly by the Department / College. 

Question: What are the criteria for admission to NCWEB? Is the CUET (PG) -2023 score mandatory for the same or not?

Answer: Admissions to all Postgraduate Programs at the Non-Collegiate Women Education Board (NCWEB) will be based on the scores obtained in Common University Entrance Test (PG) – 2023. While applying to the University portal, if you wish to seek admission under NCWEB, you must select NCWEB. 

Question: Whether gap year will be a bar in PG admissions at University of Delhi?

Answer: Gap year will not be a bar for admission to postgraduate programs 

Question: What is the eligibility to get admission to an LLB course?

Answer: Every program has specific eligibility and a CUET PG paper. You must refer to the Bulletin of Information of PG , uploaded on the admission website of the University (

Specifically for taking admission in LL.B, for the academic session 2023-24, the eligibility is:

Question: For PG admission in UoD, which OBC-Non Creamy Layer certificate is valid?

Answer: For admission based on the OBC certificate, the caste must be included in the Central List of OBC (the OBC status is to be determined based on the Central List of OBCs (Govt. of India) notified by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on the recommendations of the National Commission for Backward Classes (available at the website classes/index.html.). The certificate should be issued after 31st March 2023. 

Question: In certain courses like M.Sc. Mathematics Education the seat matrix are only mentioned in Department. What does this mean?

Answer: Certain programs are offered in the Departments only. 

Question: In the CUET (PG) 2023 form, I had selected University of Delhi. Do I have to anything else to take admission in the University of Delhi?

Answer: To take admission in the University of Delhi, you must apply to the University of Delhi’s Common Seat Allocation System – Postgraduate (CSAS(PG)- 2023) along with appearing in CUET-PG. You must refer to the website of the University for announcement, updates and schedules related to CSAS(PG)- 2023. 

Question: What are the criteria for a Caste certificate issued by the state/central Government?

Answer: When submitting your Caste Certificate, ensure it is in the valid format and issued by the competent issuing authority. A certificate that is not dated properly/ is incomplete/ or is not in the prescribed format will not be accepted. 

Question: Can I apply offline for admissions?

Answer: Admission to all Postgraduate programs in all Departments and Colleges is online , through the CSAS portal only. 

Question: Can a candidate get admission in the PG program at University of Delhi based on the acknowledgment receipt of applying for the caste certificate?

Answer: From the academic session 2023-24, admissions to the PG programs of the University of Delhi will be granted only on the production of a valid caste certificate issued in the candidate's name, by an issuing Competent Authority as mentioned in the PG Bulletin of Information, published on the admission website of the University.

No undertaking on behalf of incomplete/ invalid/ non-availability of the document/ certificate at the time of applying will be accepted. 

Question: I belong to OBC-NCL category, In CUET(UG) 2023, I have submitted my certificate which was issued on January 4, 2022. Will the same certificate be applicable for admission in University of Delhi.

Answer: For admission to University of Delhi, all SC/ST/OBC-NCL/EWS/Minority/CW/KM/PwBD candidates will have to submit a valid certificate, issued in the name of the Candidate, by the competent issuing authority as mentioned in the UG Bulletin of Information. To be considered for reservation under OBC - Non-Creamy, you must ensure that the caste is in the OBC central list issued by and the income certificate is issued after March 31, 2023, as stipulated.

No undertaking on behalf of incomplete/ invalid/ non-availability of the document/ certificate at the time of applying will be accepted. 

Questions: Where do I find all the information related to admissions at the University of Delhi?

Answer: All information related to admission can be found at

A Bulletin of Information is also available on the same website, which contains information about various courses offered by the University. You must visit the website regularly for all updates and schedules.


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