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Centralised Rank Wise Merit List of Eligible Candidates under ECA Quota for UG  Admissions for the Academic Session 2021-2022

The Centralised ECA Merit List of eligible candidates for each Category/Sub Category with ranks for Under Graduate Merit Based Admissions under ECA Category for Academic year 2021-22 is notified herewith along with ECA Admission Guidelines. The Dashboard of eligible candidates as per Centralized ECA Merit List on the University UG Admission Portal will be open for registering their preferences for the allotment of Program and College from Wednesday, 10th November, 2021 to Friday, 12th November, 2021.  All eligible candidates are informed that no further chance for registering their preferences for allotment of College and Program will be given after Friday, 12th November, 2021(11.59 PM).  

Dated: 10th November, 2021


This is with reference to the Final Centralized  ECA Merit list with ranks of eligible candidates for UG merit based Admissions under ECA Category Creative Writing (English) which was uploaded on the University Admission portal on 10th November, 2021.  A revised list is being uploaded with immediate effect. Candidates are advised to check the revised Result of Creative Writing (English).

Dated: 12th November, 2021

Second Centralized ECA Admission List with Allotment of Seats (College & Program)  to Candidates under ECA  Category/Sub Category

1a. Creative Writing-Hindi

1b. Creative Writing-English

2a. Dance-Indian Classical

2b. Dance-Indian Folk

2c. Dance-Western

3a.  Debate-Hindi

3b. Debate- English

4b. Digital Media-Film Making

5a. Fine Arts- Sketching & Painting

6a.  Music Vocal- Indian (Classical and Light)

6b.  Music Vocal-Western (Classical and Light)

7a.  Music ( Instrumental Indian)- Tabla

7f.  Music ( Instrumental Indian) – Harmonium

7i. Music (Instrumental Indian) - Indian Violin

8d.  Music Western Instrumental- Guitar (Lead)

8g. Music Western Instrumental- Keyboard


10.  Quiz

12.  NCC

13.. NSS

14. Yoga

Centralized UG ECA Admission Rank Wise Merit List

1a. Creative Writing-Hindi

1b. Creative Writing-English (Revised)

2a. Dance-Indian Classical

2b. Dance-Indian Folk

2c.  Dance-Western

2d.  Dance-Choreography

3a.  Debate-Hindi

3b. Debate- English

4a.  Digital Media-Photography

4b. Digital Media-Film Making

4c.  Digital Media- Animation

5a. . Fine Arts- Sketching & Painting

5b.  Fine Arts- Sculpture

6a.  Music Vocal- Indian 

6b.  Music Vocal-Western

7a.  Music  Instrumental (Indian)- Tabla

7b. Music  Instrumental  (Indian) - Mridangam

7d. Music Instrumental (Indian)- Pakhawaj

7e.  Music Instrumental (Indian)-Ghatam

7f.  Music  Instrumental (Indian) – Harmonium

7g. Music (Instrumental Indian) - Indian Flute

7h.  Music ( Instrumental (Indian) - Sitar

7i.  Music Instrumental Indian) - Indian Violin

7j.  Music Instrumental (Indian) -Sarod

8a.  Music  Instrumental (Western) - Drums

8c. Music Instrumental (Western)- Saxophone

8d.  Music Instrumental (Western) - Guitar (Lead)

8e. Music Instrumental (Western)- Guitar (Base)

8f. Music Instrumental (Western) - Western Violin

8g.  Music Instrumental (Western) - Keyboard

9. Theatre

10. Quiz

11. Divinity

12.  NCC

13. NSS

14. Yoga

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