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You are here: B.A. (Hons.) in Karnatak Music-Vocal/Instrumental (Veena / Violin)

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B.A. (Hons.) - Karnataka Music: Vocal / Instrumental (Veena/Violin)


This course aims to build a comprehensive understanding of Music inherently by studying scales of different systems such as Karnatak, Hindustani, Ancient Tamil Music and western music. It also focuses on providing a space to engage the details of various musical forms and ragas (theory and practice). Students will understand Musical history and its distinctive features, gain the knowledge of aesthetical elements contained in terms of Indian musicology such as swara, Nada, Sruti, Gamaka, Raga and Tala etc. and acquire the knowledge of the importance of “Mahageetak and “Dhruva Gana” and its relation to classical music.


Eligibility for Admission in B.A. (Hons.) Karnataka Music-Vocal/Instrumental (Veena/Violin)


Program Specific Eligibility

Candidates must appear in both CUET and Performance-based test. Candidates must appear in CUET in any of the following subject combinations:

Combination I: Any one Language from List A + Performing Arts from List B2 + Any two subjects out of which one should be from List B1


Combination II: Any one Language from List A + Any two subjects from List B1 + Any one subject from either List B1 or List B2


Performance-Based Test


Merit will be calculated by considering the ‘Combined CUET score (50% weightage) and Performance-based test score (50% weightage)’


CUET score will be the best score obtained from any one of the above-mentioned combinations of subjects.

Further details related to admissions will be notified on the website.

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