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Undergraduate Curriculum Framework (UGCF) - 2022


The UGCF - 2022 underlines the historical perspective, philosophical basis, and contemporary realities of higher education as enshrined in the National Education Policy (NEP) - 2020 and endeavours to synchronize these cornerstones while charting the road ahead for the state of higher education.

The University of Delhi, a premier seat of teaching, learning, and research in higher education, acclaimed nationally and internationally, has nurtured the quest for reaching the peak in every sphere of education, in its true sense, in its contribution to the nation-building. Moreover, being a Central University mandated to act as the torchbearer in expanding the horizons of human resource development through the expansion of higher education, it has always paid an adequate premium towards constructive and meaningful innovation as a regular feature in its undergraduate curriculum development over the years.

A reflection of such sustained and continued endeavour is amply exemplified in the successive revision of undergraduate curricular framework over the decades and especially in the last two decades, keeping pace with the emerging trends in higher education in the new millennium globally and its critical importance in enriching the youth of our nation, well equipped with the prevailing priorities of skill development through innovative and practical oriented teaching-learning more than anything else.

To actualise the noble objective, as succinctly brought out in the NEP - 2020, the university has endeavored to explore the possibility of further restructuring and refinement of its undergraduate curriculum framework in line with the objective and underlying philosophy of the NEP - 2020 to capture the imagination of the youth of our nation which depicts the contemporary realities of our demographic advantage globally.

The resultant outcome of this comprehensive exercise undertaken by the university is the UGCF - 2022 which not only underlines the heart and soul of the NEP 2020 in letter and spirit but also goes on to create a teaching-learning framework at the undergraduate level to attract the young minds towards research, innovation, apprenticeship, social outreach, entrepreneurship and similar such areas of human knowledge and endeavour while imbibing the truly charged academic environ of the university and its constituent colleges.

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