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University of Delhi is one of the premier institutions of our country and hence draws a large number of students from all parts of India and abroad. The concern for the outstation students, after securing admission is the availability of a safe and comfortable accommodation. In order to meet the requirements of such students University of Delhi offers hostel facilities to both male and female students.

Eligibility for Admission in a University Hostel

The candidates satisfying the following Eligibility Criteria will be considered for admission:

  1. The candidate should be enrolled as a regular Postgraduate student in a Department / Centre / Faculty of the University.
  2. The parents of the candidate should not be residing in the National Capital Territory (NCT).
  3. The candidate should not be employed anywhere on full, part-time, ad-hoc or temporary basis.
  4. Due to huge intake of students, all selected out-station candidates may not get hostel
    accommodation. Thus, the candidates need to understand that the admission to a program would not ensure allotment of hostel accommodation. Accommodation will be offered to eligible candidates subject to his / her merit and availability of seat in a hostel. A student getting admission into the hostel is allowed to occupy a hostel till the last date of examination of the particular program he / she is pursuing.
  5. In case admission to a program is made through a written test / merit list / interview in the Faculty / Department / Centre, the merit so prepared is followed for admission to the Hostel.
  6. No weightage is given to any parameter or factor other than the aforementioned.


Every hostel has an Admission Committee, which constitutes Provost, Warden and the Resident Tutors. Admission to the hostel is done strictly on the basis of Merit List provided by the respective Faculty / Department, and the policy laid down by the Admission Committee. The candidates are initially shortlisted on the basis of Merit List. The Hostel Admission Committee interviews the shortlists candidates, and finally the selected candidates are given admission. Reservation is provided as per the University rules.


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